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Depending on a client’s will flat is provided either with the complete decoration or with the “gray” one.

In case of the “gray” decoration in the flat:

• internal partitions are installed;
• the ceiling is leveled, puttied and prime prepared to be painted;
• the floor is prepared to lay a parquet, soft cover or plates with thermo isolating and sound isolating coating and hydro isolating coating in a lavatory;
• doors with locks are installed;
• water-pipes and sewage stanchions will have an outlet to every flat (with separate water meter);
• power supplies till the inner cable distribution head with the further electric wiring in the premises (with separate meter);
• television and telephone wires are adjusted, Internet connection provided;
• ventilation - natural ventilation in the kitchen and lavatory, regulated air recuperation system in the premises;
• heat supply - radiators “Jaga”;
• foreseen all communications for instalation of local conditioning system;