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Technical description
Technical description

Architectural part

The dwelling complex represents a perimeter building and consists of three detached buildings. Such environmentally friendly and safe materials as glass, wood, metal, decorative plaster are used for the decoration of two modern buildings. Every flat has its own terrace as well as high and wide French windows (floor to the ceiling), which create an impression of merging with the nature. For the decoration of the renovated architectural monument wood and decorative plaster along with different decorative elements, which would resemble the architecture of Jurmala in the beginning of the last century, were mainly used.

Constructive part

• Ferro-concrete pile basement;
• Monolithic ferro-concrete frame;
• Monolithic ferro-concrete overlap;
• System of ferro-concrete columns;
• Bearing wall of brickwork in the third block;
• Outer walls with outer thermal isolation and decorative plaster;
• Outer walls with outer thermal isolation and decorative plaster, partly sheathed with wooden plates;
• Windows and window-glasses in the flats: aluminium/ wooden manifold plate glass.

Engineering communications

• power supply: new sub-station;
• water supply and sewage: town’s (there will be own devices set for cleaning and softening the water);
• heat supply: a private autonomous gas boiler-house;
• every flat is equipped with a separate air ventilation and air recuperation system;
• air conditioning system (Chiller and Fancoil type);
• every flat is provided for setting up a fireplace;
• fire-prevention and security systems;
• a possibility to connect to several phone lines;
• Internet connection via radio link;
• satellite television.  

Customer: SIA “InterHaus” 
Investments into the project: SIA “InterHaus” in cooperation with A/S Hansabanka (
Architectural bureau: SIA “GRAF X” (
General contractor: SIA “PBLC” (