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Technical description

Architectural part

An open terrace house. A characteristic pyramidal silhouette is harmoniously placed into the surrounding landscape. Such an effect is intensified by large green terraces, which symmetrically descend from floors 8 to 4. The facade made entirely out of glass adds a touch of lightness to the building as well as widens and lightens the interior. Warm wooden accents make the facade homier.

There are eight stories in the building; the upper floor is used for an autonomous boiler house. Floors 1 to 7 are used as living space. An underground parking and private cloak-rooms are situated on the basement floor of the house.

Much space is allocated for public facilities. The hall on the first floor occupies 239 sq. m.

Constructive part

• A massive reinforced concrete basis;
• Driven piles;
• A carcass made of reinforced concrete pillars;
• Solid reinforced concrete floors;
• Outer walls made of fiber blocks;
• Walls between rooms are made of KNAUF double regypsum plates with enhanced sound and thermal protection;
• Windows and showcases in the apartments: panoramic double glass panes;

Engineering communications

• power supply: a new connection to the existing substation;
• water supply and sewage: town’s (there will be own devices set for cleaning and softening the water);
• heat supply : an independent autonomous gas boiler house with two gas-fired boilers;
• every apartment is equipped with a separate air ventilation and air recuperation system;
• air conditioning system (Chiller- and Fancoil-type);
• apartments on the top floors are provided for setting up a fireplace;
• fire-prevention and security systems;
• fireplaces may be installed on floors 6 and 7;
• fire safety and alarm systems;
• security cameras;
• an optional connection of several phone lines;
• a radio link connection to the Internet;
• satellite television;

Customer: SIA “Jurmalas Vilnis”
Co-founder: SIA “InterHaus” 
Investments into the project: SIA “InterHaus” in cooperation with A/S Hansabanka (
Architectural bureau: SIA “KUBS” (
General contractor: RKF "Transceltnieks"