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On a request, the apartments are offered with complete or partial finish, so-called 'gray finish,' (ready for final finishing works).

In case of the ‘gray’ finish of the apartments:

• Internal walls are present, all walls are planed, glazed, pre-coated – prepared to be painted or papered, with additional flashing in WCs and bathrooms;
• Ceilings are planed, glazed and pre-coated, ready for painting;
• Floors are covered with a layer of self-leveling concrete, ready for veneer – laying a parquet floor, soft surface or tiles;
• Bathroom and WC floors are equipped with an electric heating system and covered with a special flashing layer;
• Whole wooden doors, which are varnished and equipped with ABLOY locks;
• Water-supply and sewer systems are ready for installation of bathroom fixtures and gadgets in kitchens, bathrooms and WCs;
• All rooms are equipped with electric wiring, which connects the switchboard with power sockets and switches;
• Television, phone and Internet connections are made;
• Ventilation – a natural air vent in the kitchen and sanitation rooms, with a regulated air recuperation system in the other rooms;
• Heat supply – Jaga heaters with a regulated microclimate in each room;
• Air conditioning – Fancoil-type heaters with a regulated microclimate in each room;

To view information about areas and layouts of apartments click here.

Public facilities

The house concept implies that social life continues outside one's apartment. A special area on the first floor is allocated for a café, where one can have a coffee or a snack. A special place in the hall is occupied with computers and other devices intended for office work. The building is surrounded by a developed area (4,600 sq. m), which allows walking and resting without leaving its premises.

Underground parking

An underground parking of 2,837 sq. m is situated on the basement floor, for up to 100 vehicles. Parking places are separated, enumerated and protected by impingement plates to avert contact with the walls. A special marking indicates driving directions inside the parking. An additional ground parking for twenty vehicles is located on the backyard.

A separate underground parking block of 592 sq. m is allocated for storage of private property belonging of the house residents. Small cloak-rooms of 5 to 7 sq. m, are separated from each other by means of a metal carcass with gauze. The cloak-rooms are enumerated and equipped with lockable doors.

There is also a special area for bikes in the underground parking.